Motivation vs. Inspiration

Dear Millennial friends, I have been spending a lot of time with the ideas of motivation and inspiration and through the years, have experienced both. To give you an idea, motivation is external. It’s something outside of you that compels you to DO something. Your boss/sports coach/parents making certain demands of you may motivate you because you fear losing your job, privileges, etc… you fear losing that big promotion, or you fear losing your status. A fire will motivate you to leave a burning building, right?

Inspiration is internal. It’s something inside you that compels you to BE something. Inspiration is you making demands of yourself. It’s acting congruently with what you say you want to be, what you want to do, and who you really are.
A motivational speaker does not really motivate anyone. All a motivational speaker can really do is speak to the person inside each member of their audience and try to inspire that person hidden away inside of each of us.
As a career coach, when I look at a person’s calendar, I see all of the commitments that they have made to other people; No one would dream of breaking those commitments. But I never see the commitments they make to themselves. Those commitments don’t make it on to the calendar, and they don’t carry the same weight as the commitments we make to others. WHY??? The commitments we make to ourselves are easily and often broken, are they not?
You can wait for other people to motivate you. You can wait for people to make demands of you. But you’ll never reach your full potential by waiting for other people to provide your motivation.
If you really want to produce the results you are capable of, you have to provide your own inspiration. You have to decide that you are going to be something more, and you have to demand more from yourself.
Is your vision of your future self big enough? Does it inspire you to take the actions that bring that vision to life?
Are you goals so big that they inspire you? Do they frighten you? Are you excited to get out of bed each morning to chase down your biggest goals?
What are you demanding of yourself now?
What must you start demanding of yourself right now? What must you start demanding of yourself today?
A good coach doesn’t motivate you by demanding more of you; a good coach helps you to see that you aren’t demanding enough of yourself. A good coach can see what you are really capable of and can push you to demand more from yourself. They can help give you a bigger vision of yourself. That’s what I hope to be through this post: a good coach.
i welcome your comments and your ideas about motivation and inspiration (I hope you’re inspired). Re-blog this post to someone you know can benefit from this idea.


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