Back in the early 90’s, the “Elevator Pitch” was a must have with up and coming professionals. If you couldn’t describe what you do to a person/client/prospect in 90 seconds or less, you were not on top of your game. I have never been a big fan of any type of pitch unless I am at a baseball game. The very word “pitch’ as it relates to the business community makes most people recoil in horror that they are about to be sold something by the archetypal slick salesperson who is only interested in how big your wallet is. Why would anyone these days want to memorize a “pitch” when the very idea of pitching yourself annotates the feelings of insincerity; comes off as disreputable, imposing and fake; or if being pitched to also gives you the feeling that you’re being glad-handed, worked over or set up for the close.

If you still use this word in your vocabulary, STOP immediately and wipe it from that hard drive in your head, the brain. Instead, think in terms of your “Personal Brand”; a more professional, authentic description of who you are. Self Branding can be a powerful tool when done in a concise, to the point description not only with words, but in how you present yourself in mannerisms, how you dress, how approachable you are, Be authentic when shaping yours; take your time creating it, bounce it off your friends, work associates or a mentor (you have one right??). Once you have formed it, improved it, and refined it further to the point you are comfortable with it, it will become the signature statement of who you are – much like the Coca-Cola signature writing or the thumbs up on Facebook, your Personal Brand will immediately be identifiable and familiar to those around you.

As well, your online brand presence through various Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, Google+ should also reflect your uniqueness and coalesce with “Brand (insert your name here)”. Just be sure that all there are no misspelled words or grammatical errors and leave no content out, especially on LinkedIn as future employers and recruiter’s will review your profile with a critical eye.

Above all, again, be yourself and authentic in your Personal Brand and on your terms as only you can define who you are…


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